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As I have specified above, all the fields are free and you can really write what and where you want, their no use does not cause any change in the makeup. If you do not know where to get business cards, how to make for to create cards, follow the instructions of this DIY application I have planned the possibility to print a A4 format page type PDF including 10 business cards. You can print the page visualized with the preview clicking the button PRINT that I have added. At the moment you can choose among: cards mod. Professional and Premium, cards Elegance, cards Rainbow and Beatiful, cards Deluxe and Fantasy, cards for Children, cards mod. Business and to crown it all cards mod. Yuppi. They are useful for your firm or to promote an activity, for the professional and for individuals. For sure, I will develop other templates.

In general, as for functionality, there could not be any problems, Internet Explorer offers all the options I have planned. If you want to print business cards for all the family or for work and get a good result, I recommend you to use the right paper, card paper or thin board and to print using a high quality option, if you use logos or wallpapers. That’s all! Enjoy yourself.

Technical data: the length of the fields is fixed, but as the characters have different width, using all the space at disposal, the card might twists. Of course, it is better to shorten some words or use a smaller character... use the preview page PDF to check the right makeup.