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This section relates to the cards of "Fantasy" model, this is a very simple type, but there are also many examples of more elaborated cards: cards Professional and Deluxe, cards Rainbow and Elegance, cards Beautiful and Premium, cards Business and to crown it all cards Yuppie and Children.

To solve it simplier you can use a precut paper (A4 paper including 10 cards) you can buy in a stationery store. The free program to print business cards is user-friendly and convenient, in general there would be any problem, unless you use another system than Windows and another browser than Internet Explorer or Firefox; in this case some incompatibilities might rise, but it is impossible to verify the function of all combinations.

To get a perfect print, I recommend you to use the right paper, a card paper or a thin cardboard and to print using a high quality option, if you add logos or coloured wallpapers print it using a high definition.

I am sure you have got a lot of business cards by people from work, representatives, professionals and self-employed workers, individual and Associations, handicraftsmen and traders.

Good!!! proposes a really free service and the application does not save any of the personal details, so you can sleep soundly in your bed!!!